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In 2007 I wanted to create a website to allow potential students and professional collaborators to access information about who and what I am.

This website is the outcome.

The desire for self knowledge is what drives me.

No matter what technique or tool I have used, it was always with the purpose of finding the truth. It’s a hard truth to find. The self gets in the way and demands attention. Pitfalls and man mad obstacles abound, and these are, in their own way, as fascinating as the ‘truth’ I’m seeking.

I have studied many different methods of self awareness and I have been teaching since 1997.

The human being is a complex creature. There are as many roads to health and wellbeing as there are individuals. There is no blanket treatment.

Thus, Patheya was born.

Patheya represents a storehouse. A place that stores information about different methods of treatment, for the mind and for the body.

We are using the body as a tool to help tame and heal the mind. We use the breath to bring us inwards, and use language to help us become aware of stress patterns in the body.

My classes and ideas are constantly evolving as my understanding develops. I have pet theories that I coddle and develop and then, there is another idea sprouting that needs exploration. At this moment in time, it seems never ending.

I encourage us to go slower, to be more simple in our desires. I encourage awareness of choice and responsibility for our decisions.

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