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When I'm 100% focused on living in the moment, when I am uniting myself with life (with no physical, emotional, mental barriers), then I am at the happiest I can be.

Now its your turn!

Holistic benefits

the impressive list that researchers for qigong, yoga and
meditation have gathered together

  • sleep better
  • feel taller
  • loose weight
  • overcome fears
  • conquer habits
  • develop better concentration
  • enhance self awareness
  • deeper sense of well being
  • developed compassion
  • enhanced relationships
  • greater self acceptance
  • a sensation of being at peace
  • develop strong supportive muscles
  • healthy cardiovascular system
  • relax anxieties
  • increase physical strength
  • increase stamina and suppleness

    • lowers blood pressure
    • relaxes mind and body
    • creates space in the mind allowing new ideas and creativity to flourish
    • increases the feeling of love
    • quiets the mind
    • opens up the space between the ending of one thought and the beginning of another
    • decreases stress related illnesses like hypertension, heart disease, asthma, insomnia, digestive problems
    • slows aging
    • improves quality of life
    • gives you distance from the every day
    • increases your ability to face life's challenges
    • integrates the self (mind, body, spirit)
    • expands the self
    • allows you to reach the calm centre that is in each one of us

  • attain proper circulation of the blood and energy (chi)
  • find emotional balance and stability
  • limbers up the body
  • relieves stiff joints
  • can rehabilitate failing health
  • decrease and eventually control stress level
  • recharge the human spirit
  • enhance enjoyment of life
  • arrest illness
  • keeps disease at bay
  • prolong vigorous life
  • regain lost years
  • increases your energy
  • increases concentration
  • body awareness
  • increase grace
  • observation skills
  • improves your immune system

    • it feels good!
    • increase our joy in our own bodies
    • decreases risk to injuries
    • reduces recovery time after work outs
    • reduces stress
    • improves posture
    • increase flexibility
    • get to know our bodies better
    • movements in daily life will become more graceful
    • increase self awareness
    • lack of flexibility increases discomfit in our bodies

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