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I am, as a good friend quotes, me plus my circumstances.

Some of those circumstances are -

I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1971.

I have trained and competed in a variety of different sports since the age of 5. They include swimming, athletics, dance and fitness.

In my last year of high school, I started to suffer from migraines and insomnia. I was full of questions about the world and very dissatisfied with what I saw in life.

I had problems resolving my ideals about the world with the reality. Some call this the human condition.

I began to meditate and discovered, after some practice and with much wonderment, that I could control my responses and I could relax without medication and I could feel happy in my body.

I began to study everything related to meditation and energy, including qigong, yoga, Buddhism, stress management, mind science, massage, and breathing techniques, spiritualism, symbolism.

I kept diaries and monitored my development and discoveries.

I am largely self taught. From my early years, I have trusted books and my own experience rather than other people.

These days I balance my love of books with involvement with other instructors and student's experiences. As I began to trust myself more, I opened up in many positive ways. Of course, apart from my own experience, the experience of my students is the greatest source of learning and discovery. Many thanks to all of you.

I have lived in Melbourne, on the Gold Coast Australia, in Shizuoka Japan, in Odense Denmark, and Hamar Norway.

The birth of my son encouraged me to learn educational methods. I was influenced by Ivan Illich and Maria Montessori.

I've spent four years in Hamar, Norway. I´ve run courses through Espern Activity Park. I taught Body Balance, Mage Magikk, Power Yoga, Qigong, Pilates. I held short intensive courses in Children's yoga, yoga for pregnancy, couple's yoga, yoga for parents and children, Lohan Qigong, Meditation, Motivation for instructors.

During 2007/8, my family and I travelled across the globe to seek our fortunes in the wide world. We visited many countries in Asia and settled for some time in Australia.

At the moment I am living in Granollers, Catalonia. I'm writing for Suite 101 and taking individual students for inner development.

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