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Without Albert this web site would not be here, so thank you! I appreciate your time, interest and belief in my abilities.

A huge thank you to my work colleagues and customers/students at Espern. With you I have grown in confidence and structured some of my fly away ideas. You have supported me and have given me free rein with my classes. Thank you!

Hey Sarah! We've been going through things together for a long time. Sharing stories and moving on. Working though issues and laughing at ourselves. Thank you for your humour, support, exchange of ideas.. oh! And for cleaning the dishes!

Thank you to my father for challenging me and inspiring the need to do the best I can. I would not be the person I am without you.

Thank you to Hege Biseth, my first Body Balance trainer, for being so supportive!

To Brad Thompson for sharing the Lohan Form with me.

Thank you to Ole and Geir at The Vikingship Motel og Vandrehjem.
Without your offer of the little house I would not be be able to afford to devote myself to my studies as much as I have. Thank you for your kindness.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and motivated me, willingly or not. We are here, all together! Namaste.

My mother and step-father
A big hug and much love to you both. More than you realise, you have inspired me to believe that people can change. That we have choice and we are not victims. You are always learning new things, planning adventures (even if its 'just' hiking up a big rock) and doing what you think is right. I'm proud of you both and very happy you are apart of my life.

My son and unwitting guinea pig to all of my educational theories. I take full responsibility for your therapy sessions later on! Thank you for teaching me about 'honesty' and keeping me focused on caring, love and nurturing. Your sensitivity is always a source of wonder to me.

A natural yogi. You make it all seem so easy. And from you, I can see how this 'relaxation business' can be 'natural' and effortless. Your good nature is a blessing and daily inspiration. You're sincerely a loving person.

My brother
You find new energy and you create. It gives me strength to see you working with your music. Big hugs! You can visit his website by clicking here.

When I saw you dance it changed the course of my life! Any interest in Belly Dance and the belief that I could do it myself stems from you. Thank you! You're beautiful and make it all seem so effortless.

Jackie Mills (Les Mills)
What a woman! She is beautiful, intelligent, constantly motivated. She feels life to the fullest and her greatest happiness comes from sharing her joy. She creates a beautiful blend of the eastern arts every 3 months that just keeps getting better and better! Thank you for being you!

Louise Hay
We are lucky to have you! Thank you for your experience and for sharing so much of what you have learnt. I appreciate your honesty and let it be a guide for my own. For more information about her, click here.

Dalai Lama
Humble, sincere, loving. Forever learning. A great leader. For more information about him, click here.

The first philosopher I read that inspired me! Wow. The conversations I have had trying to explain your thoughts when I was in my early 20's!! For more information about him, click here.

Zorba the Buddha. Always engaging and engaged. Effortless awareness and absorption in the moment. For more information about him, click here.

Gloria J. Greco
From across the wide web, I felt a strong calling, and answer with honesty and compassion, you did. Thank you. A true inspiration you have been at a particularly difficult cross roads.

Monte Rosen
Integrity, honesty. Positive intention with the self removed. What more could I ask for? Thank you for helping out with no motivation. It cleared the path for me.

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