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The contents are the creation of Tiffany Jones, and any comments or complaints about her continuous compulsion for alliteration can be directed to her.

Somebody once said this website was a self congratulatory pat on the back.

I'd never seen it that way.

I feel like an explorer. I am hacking away into the forest of the self, and I'm drawing a map as I go. I don't mean it as a boast of where I've been. I just mean to help, with sign posts along the way.

Somebody else is studying farming, shoe making, marketing.

I'm studying methods of thinking. We're all in it together. One is not better than the other.

And anyway, if you are wondering, this is a post entitled Who am I to tell you how to be human?

The layout, design and programming are under the control of Albert Vila. Feel free to abuse or applaud him for his skills.

Albert not only creates websites and writes in his blog (written only in catalan). He specially likes travelling and planning these travels. Making websites to make money for the next travel. Also taking pictures, listening to many styles of music and playing guitar.

Photos taken by Albert Vila, Tiffany Jones, Virginia Lewis and Vidar Frøysaa.
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